Album Review: 'III,' By Bixiga 70

16 hours ago
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First Listen: Neon Indian, 'VEGA INTL. Night School'

23 hours ago

"Hey there, sexy," a saucy voice says on a hotline set up to promote Neon Indian's new album, in a sort of send-up of phone-sex festivity. Dial the number (512-643-VEGA) and, after sitting through a few lascivious intimations, a link gets sent by way of text to hear the new single from VEGA INTL. Night School. It's very Neon Indian: old and new technologies coming together in a sly but seemingly sincere way, with throwback results that keep the prospect of a party in mind.

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Vermont native Matt Lorenz is the man behind the one-man band known as The Suitcase Junket. It's a project that evolved from his other "roots-rock/junk-folk" band, the trio Rusty Belle, in which he played alongside his sister, Kate Lorenz, and Zak Trojano. With 1950s amps and a guitar he'd salvaged from a Dumpster — plus an old oversize suitcase he plays with his heel as a bass drum, a baby shoe (his baby shoe) hitting a gas can, a cooking pot, a circular saw blade and a box of bones and silverware for added percussion — Lorenz creates a sound like no other.

Patty Griffin has released Servant Of Love,  the Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter’s tenth album. It marks the third time she has collaborated with producer Craig Ross.

Shemekia Copeland has blues in her blood: She is the daughter of the late great Texas blues musician Johnny Clyde Copeland, and a lot of her early music sounded like it. Now, at 36, she's doing things a little differently. Her latest record, Outskirts of Love, carries the weight of her experiences and showcases the growing she's done since she began recording music as a teenager.

The musician and provocateur known as Peaches has just won a Polaris prize for the Best Canadian Album of the 2000s. Music fans selected her sexually charged debut release The Teaches Of Peaches in an online poll over albums by Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and Feist, among others.