KSUT Sunday Special

APM Reports

Objects hold history. They evoke stories stamped in time. The Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture has opened up a world of those stories. Hear some of them this Sunday afternoon at 5, as part of KSUT's Black History Month special programming.

On the next KSUT Sunday Special, the final installment of the five-part series from APM Reports, examining how law enforcement handled the kidnapping of an 11-year-old Minnesota boy – a case that went unsolved for nearly 27 years.

More Stories of Where Humans and Habitat Meet

Jan 8, 2017
Wyoming Public Media

A man walks from Mexico to the tip of South America with his best friend, a donkey; a man crosses the Atlantic to deliver livestock to post-World War II Europe; and an outdoorsy woman discovers she has more to learn about the wilderness. HumaNature, this Sunday afternoon at 5 on the KSUT Sunday Special.

The Third Coast International Audio Festival returns with their annual documentary competition. Each year, Third Coast organizers comb through hundreds of radio stories and present the winners.

Some prospective college students find themselves spending the holiday making a decision about where to go to school.

Chasing Graduation at High-Poverty High Schools

Dec 4, 2016
Benjamin B. Morris for APM Reports

There is virtually no way to make a legal living these days without at least a high school diploma. Still, nearly 20 percent of students don’t finish. Why?

Hearing Voices

We honor Native American Heritage Month with the story of the last remaining member of her village of Mescalero Apache.

Stories From Veterans

Nov 8, 2016

KSUT honors Veterans Day with stories from The Moth Radio Hour.

Caregiving and Dementia

Oct 25, 2016

On this week's KSUT Sunday Special, a closer look at the challenges faced by family caregivers for people with dementia.

Reforming School Discipline

Oct 18, 2016

Kids who are suspended or expelled from school are more likely to drop out and more likely to wind up in prison than kids with similar behaviors who are not kicked out.

Debating the Clean Power Plan

Oct 18, 2016

Has the Environmental Protection Agency fairly and appropriately considered the costs and benefits of its regulatory mandates? Is the Clean Power Plan a bold initiative to reduce carbon pollution at power plants, or an unconstitutional usurpation of power?

Hear great moments from debate history, just hours before the next presidential face-off.

Every year, 230,000 women are told they have breast cancer. About 40,000 will die. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Join us for the KSUT Sunday Special this week for an hour-long special from the program Best Medicine.

American Radioworks documentary looks at the similarities between the two years. Hear it Sunday afternoon at 5 on the KSUT Sunday Special.

The KSUT Sunday Special Explores Remedial Education

Sep 16, 2016

When students attend college, they expect to be in college-level classes. But four in ten students end up in basic math and English, re-learning what they were supposed to learn in high school. The vast majority never get a college degree.

This week's Sunday Special is from the Mortified Podcast, celebrating the politics of adolescence.

One-hour special revisits the personal histories of both Clinton and Trump, and explores how their characters were forged. Hear it this Sunday at 5 pm on KSUT.


Join us this Sunday afternoon at 5 for a documentary made for late-summer road trips.

Forest Service Northern Region from Missoula, MT, USA

On the next KSUT Sunday Special, we'll evoke the lazy days of late-summer with two half-hour documentaries from Helen Borten.

The first, Fly Fishing in Montana, takes us on an audio trip to the Land of Big Sky, for a look at its legendary flyfishing waters, and watering holes (as in saloons). Along the way, we visit fishing towns and hear some whopping fish stories.

The popular science program returns for seven episodes. The first explores the norms that determine most of our behavior. Hear it Sunday afternoons at 5 through the end of July.

The KSUT Sunday Special honors Pride Month with a documentary about the New York Times reporter, who died from a disease he covered as a journalist.

The public radio show 'Closer to Truth' continues this Sunday afternoon at 5 with a look at some of the vital ideas of our existence.

The KSUT Sunday Special Celebrates Rivers

May 27, 2016

Join us Sunday afternoon at 5 for an hour stories from the moving waters.

The KSUT Sunday Special Puts Hunting up for Debate

May 20, 2016

Hear an Intelligence Squared dialogue on the ethics and economics of hunting.

Exploring Water Scarcity on the KSUT Sunday Special

May 13, 2016

Thirsty Planet delves into water – and the lack of it - Sunday afternoon at 5.

KSUT Celebrates Stories of Motherhood

May 5, 2016

Join us Sunday afternoon at 5 for a Moth Radio Hour show devoted entirely to mom, on the Sunday Special.

Join us for another episode of the public radio series Closer to Truth, this Sunday afternoon at 5.

KSUT Celebrates the Bard

Apr 20, 2016

Hear the documentary 'Shakespeare in American Life,' on this week's Sunday Special.

We'll explore the food and energy solutions that could come from the recent Paris climate summit on this Earth Day special.

KSUT Celebrates National Poetry Month

Apr 9, 2016

Hear an exploration of all facets of the art, on the KSUT Sunday Special.