Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign Phase I: Modern Broadcast Facility

Jun 22, 2018

Goal: $2.5 Million- Timeline: Fall 2019

The Need for a New Facility

Capital Campaign Phase II: Program Expansion

Jun 22, 2018

Phase II - Program Expansion

Local News & Public Affairs

The production and presentation of quality, in-depth and relevant regional news and public affairs programming is an important need in the Four Corners region. But, providing for this is a formidable task.

Capital Campaign Phase III: Carlos Sena Legacy Fund

Jun 22, 2018

Securing the Future of KSUT

In a climate where national media conglomerates have purchased many locally owned radio stations, the role of an independent public radio station such as KSUT is of critical importance to small and rural communities. Combined with threats to funding for public broadcasting and an unstable economic environment, it is vital that KSUT plan for its future through the creation of the Carlos Sena Legacy Fund.