Ziggy Marley, Fly Rasta, feature CD, 6/13

Jun 9, 2014

For Ziggy Marley, his latest vehicle of expression the album Fly Rasta, represented a galactic sonic journey . The trip began in early 2013 with a handwritten note by the six-time Grammy Award winner.  He sat in his home recording studio, took out a scrap of paper, and began to think about what would become his fifth solo studio album.

The concept was simple: make a record that was true to himself, and expanded the territories of the traditional reggae sound by exploring new musical spaces. He had brought strands of other genres into his previous albums, but now he was looking further into the musical universe, like the deep-space eye of the Hubble telescope.


We think it's a perfect summer record. Listen to Fly Rasta in its entirety, Friday, 6/13 at 12 noon.  At 12:30 it's our weekly trivia contest and your chance to win free lunch at Zia Taqueria.