Vintage Vinyl Showcase "PORCUPINE SINGERS: Vol.II" 2/15/13

Feb 11, 2013

Porcupine Singers straight from the Record Shelf originally played in the early 80s on KSUT TRIBAL RADIO

Tribal Radio is proud to present the PORCUPINE SINGERS "Traditional Sioux Songs: Volume II" recorded in 1977 during the Ring of Thunder Wacipi a celebration  of the Rosebud Sioux located in South Dakota.  One of Two Albums recorded and released that year by Canyon Records and made available on 8-track & cassette tape.  At the time of this recording the PORCUPINE SINGERS had been an established drum group for twelve years, traveling throughout Canada and the United States.  Singers present for this recording were: Henry Green Crow, David Clairmont, James Clairmont (Lead Singer), Severt Young Bear (Drum Keeper), Francis Menard, Ronnie Theisz, Calvin Jumping Bull, Philip Wright and member not present but mentioned George Squirrel Coat.

Tribal Radio invites you to listen to PORCUPINE SINGERS "Traditional Sioux Songs: Volume II" as part of the "Vintage Vinyl Showcase" this Friday, February 15, 2013.