Son Volt, Honky Tonk, feature CD 4/5

Apr 4, 2013

Son Volt’s Honky Tonk has received some great reviews since its recent release. 

Writing in Rolling Stone, Will Hermes declared, “Ever since Jay Farrar’s Uncle Tupelo days, you could imagine his big, bourbon-y voice fronting a country band in a Bakersfield roadhouse circa 1963. Honky Tonk comes close to realizing that sound, and it’s a gorgeous thing.

The Boston Globe’s Sarah Rodman pronounced the album “beguiling,” while Walter Tunis of the Lexington Herald-Leader called it “a beautiful listen.”

The Vancouver Sun’s Francois Marchand wrote “few bands can evoke Americana, loss, and redemption the way Son Volt does,” while Newsday’s Glenn Gamboa asserted “Honky Tonk" may seem deceptively simple and comforting in its alt-country traditions, but it harbors a whole lot of envelope-pushing ideas that only masters could make work.

Lee Zimmerman wrote in Country Standard Time “Son Volt has affirmed the fact that they reign at the top of the alt-country pantheon and aren’t about to be displaced. This is one for the ages,” while Roy Kasten of the Riverfront Times proclaimed “It’s truly the first Son Volt album you can dance to, start to finish” while praising Farrar’s “supple” singing and “evocative” songwriting.

Tune-in Friday, 4/5 at noon to hear 'Honky Tonk' in its entirety.