Patty Larkin, Still Green, Feature CD, 11/15

Nov 11, 2013

Still Green, Patty Larkin’s 13th album, plays out in Technicolor sound images, a kaleidoscope of sun and sea that travels from the fluorescent-lit hallways of grief to the warm pull of love, family and nature. This collection of new songs chronicles Patty's search for relief, respite and solace during a time when she lost both of her parents, and witnessed a sister suffer a serious health issue.

Still Green is a fresh approach to sound and life by a legendary singer/songwriter who is continually turning the stone over. One cannot always change what happens to us in life, but can still discover what grounds us and what connects us to the natural world and those who remain in it. In the end, it is indeed, “Because of This.”

Tune-in Friday, November 15 at noon to hear 'Still Green'. We've got our weekly trivia contest at 12:30 for your chance to win free lunch at Zia Taqueria.