North Bear's Round Dance CD "Feelings & Emotions" Tribal Radio's Friday Feature CD, August 24

Aug 20, 2012

North Bear Singers represent the Northern Arpaho Nation starting out as young men traveling around to local powwows,  singers have grown up around the drum and consider each other Brothers on many levels.  The "Feelings & Emotions" CD is a collaboration with Eagle Calf Records out of Billings, MT and includes the ever popular "Daddy's Girl" a harmonized round dance song.  This song was sang live and won North Bear the 2012 World Hand Drum singing contest at the Gathering of Nations in Alb., New Mexico.  You can get a copy of this and other CDs at

Tribal Radio would like to say Thank you to North Bear for their generous donation of this an other CDs to KSUT Southern Ute Tribal Radio.