Michael Franti: “There Is No Better Time to Be Alive Than Right Now”

Jul 28, 2016

The acclaimed musician and activist talks about hope and optimism, his new album Soulrocker, and his memories of the last time he played Durango.

Michael Franti's career spans the groups The Beatnigs, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, and Spearhead, which he formed in 1994.

Michael Franti and Spearhead return to Durango for KSUT's 40th Anniversary Concert, next Saturday (August 6) at Three Springs.

Franti is touring in support of his new album Soul Rocker, which he calls his “favorite” of any he's recorded so far.

KSUT's Mark Duggan interviewed Franti by phone on Wednesday, reaching him in the 100 degree heat of Alabama. He started by asking him of his memories of the last time he played Durango.

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