Mandatory Evacuation Order for the Town of South Fork

Jun 21, 2013

This morning, the mandatory evacuation order went out for the town of South Fork. We have shelters open and ready to accept evacuees. Transportation for those needing assistance has been pre-staged and is being coordinating through the Alamosa EOC.

The fire had little growth as expected last night, but the fire is continuing to move parallel to Hwy 160 towards South Fork. The fire is expected to move at 1 mile an hour today with the town currently 6 miles directly in front of the fire front. There have been unconfirmed structure losses yesterday and last night. Heavy aircraft orders have been placed, but wind conditions that are expected today may limit their use.

The Alamosa Regional EOC is staffed and is coordinating with the South Fork EOC on the Rio Grande Board. Rio Grande County Commissioners have delegated ordering authority to the EOC and have provided a finance person to the EOC. Logistical support for the South Fork Branch will be through Alamosa until the Type I team arrives tonight.

Policy group has been briefed and consequence management plans are being developed in coordination with DOLA DLG Field Manager.