KSUT Fall Fund Drive Sets Goal

Aug 3, 2013

The greatest gift KSUT can give you the listener is less on-air fund raising and more on-air programming.

Credit JRW

That is exactly what we are going to do!  We know that it’s the great music, trusted news and quality public service programs that keeps you tuned to KSUT - the very same reasons you support Public Radio every year with a financial contribution.

Less is more!  With less time spent raising critical broadcast funding on-air you get more of the programming you love.  It is really quite simple – the quicker we raise the money to pay for the programming the sooner we get back to it.

Do yourself and all of KSUT members a favor and commit to making a pledge today – Do it right now and maybe, just maybe we can end this fund drive before it even starts!

This is our promise to you:  When we hit our goal for this fund drive – we will quit fund raising and get back to the business of producing and broadcasting the best radio in the country!

KSUT’s fiscal year ends September 30th and we’ve already raised 2/3 of our annual membership budget.  With just one fund drive left to help us pay for the programming you love, it is now up to you to help us raise the final 1/3 of our $250,000 annual membership budget. 

It will take your immediate action, and together, as a community of listeners we can make it happen.  Combined with your fellow members, your single gift makes the difference.  Please help KSUT reach its financial goal with a pledge today and help all of us get back to the programming we love!