The Infamous Stringdusters, Silver Sky, Feature CD, July 27

Jul 6, 2012

The Infamous Stringdusters' latest studio recording Silver Sky was released in March on High Country Recordings.  It's the band's fourth studio album, produced by Billy Hume, better known for his work with hip-hop artists.  A pledge campaign provided the funding for the album and tour, with incentives given to donors such as song dedications and signed memorabilia. Progressive thinkers and musicians, the Dusters' stellar artistry, great composing and vibrant synchronicity has delivered another great recording. 

When asked about the meaning of Silver Sky which is taken from a lyric in the song 'Rockets', the band's Travis Book offered this, " The song's about the potential of youth and the blossoming of the human spirit, inspired by a group of young musicians in Boston. This is a heavy time in the history of our country and our planet, change is in the air, but this is our time, our opportunity to do great things and experience life while we are alive. We can be and do whatever we want, the range of potential experiences is like no other time in history. Like a rocket streaking through a silver sky toward endless space, there's almost limitless potential. That's what we're feeling as a group and what we've become about."

You can catch The Infamous Stringdusters at Rocky Grass, if you're lucky. Tune-in Friday, July 27, to hear Silver Sky in  its entirety on KSUT.