Hovia Edwards, Morning Star, Feature CD 3/14

Mar 11, 2014

Hovia Edwards (pronounce hoo-vee-ya) of the Shoshone-Navajo-Okanogan heritage.  Was only 14 at the time of this recording in January of 1998.  Her father, Herman Edwards is a performer & flute maker & encouraged her from early childhood to master the flute.  Hovia is a second generation flutist & has grown up performing around the world & soloist at the Scottsdale Center for the Art in Arizona.  The album Morning Star, Hovia performs original & traditional melodies in a style that is youthful yet with a surprising maturity for an artist so young.  Please join us this Friday, March 14, 2014 at 12PM (MST) on Tribal Radio for this weeks Feature CD, Morning Star, by Hovia Edwards.  This album was donated to KSUT by Canyon Records.  For More information about other traditional & contemporary recordings visit Canyon Records at www.canyonrecords.com