Guy Drew Vineyards Makes Top Ten List

Jan 15, 2013

We love our local vineyards, but we aren't the only ones who can't stop raving about them.

Guy Drew Vineyards 2011 Pinot Gris was recently nominated by renowned wine critic 1Wine Dude as a top ten most interesting wines of 2012:

Why it made the list: And you thought all they did in CO was make Coors Light…

Despite the fact the Guy Drew once told me that I look like I’m fifty years old, I am quick to admit that this wine represents an incredible value and an equally (probably more) incredible statement of CO’s fine wine potential. This might be the single best Pinot Gris I’ve yet had from the U.S.; it’s got the melons and richness you’d expect from PG, but coupled with spices and a pithy, lemony raciness that sailed through to the finish like it was shot from a sniper’s rifle. 


This wine has won awards before, like the Denver Local Wine Conference's 2012 Best CO White Wine and Media Choice awards.

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