Exploring Water Scarcity on the KSUT Sunday Special

May 13, 2016

Thirsty Planet delves into water – and the lack of it - Sunday afternoon at 5.

Scientists say most people on Earth will first experience climate change in terms of water — either too much or too little.

The documentary Thirsty Planet explores some of the most pressing water problems and some innovative solutions by visiting two countries where water issues are critical: India and Israel.

A vast and ecologically diverse country, India suffers from water problems found across the globe: flooding, drought, pollution, and lack of access by the poor.

In Israel, a combination of cutting-edge technology and sweeping government policy has largely solved the nation’s long struggle with water scarcity.

But the benefits of abundant water are not shared equally throughout Israel and the West Bank.

Join us Thirsty Planet, an American Radio Works documentary, this Sunday at 5 on the KSUT Sunday Special.