Durango's Trails 2000: 26 Years of Preserving Pathways

Nov 5, 2015

Director Mary Monroe-Brown on the organization's history, trail restoration work, and youth programs.


Colorado Trail at Kennebec Pass.
Credit John Robinette

According to Trails 2000 director Mary Monroe-Brown, the organization was born in a bar.

A few friends scribbled bar napkin plans at a Durango watering hole, signifying their love of the public lands surrounding Durango, and their desire to preserve them.

Trails 2000 was founded in 1989, as a partnership between the private sector, the U.S. Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.

The group's stated goals are to map and restore trails, educate users, and coordinate routes that cross multiple jurisdictions.

KSUT talked to Monroe-Brown recently Trails 2000's history and restoration work. And about their program to encourage land stewardship in young people.