Of Cataclysm and Idealism

Jan 30, 2017

Author Craig Childs, on his latest book 'Apocalyptic Planet.' Childs spoke in Durango recently. He shared some insights on how the planet will end, and why we all have reason for optimism.

Credit The Tuesday Agency

Craig Childs is from Arizona and but today calls western Colorado home.

His biography mentions that his mother loved the outdoors, and his father was partial to "guns, whiskey and Thoreau."

Craig Childs is a natural vagabond, spending his earlier years doing everything from bottling beer to guiding tourists through the wilderness.

But as he spend more time in the outdoors, usually alone and in often challenging places, he began writing about his experiences.

Today, he still spends time in remote places, often accompanied by his family. He lives off of the electrical grid, and spends a lot of time researching and writing about his many interests.

His most notable books include House of Rain; Uncommon Encounters With Animals in the Wild; and his latest, Apocalyptic Planet: Field Guide to the Planet Earth.