Ansel Adams Exhibit Brought Master's Works to Four Corners

Mar 30, 2016

Masterworks Exhibit was a rare chance to see originals of iconic American images.

The Ansel Adams Masterworks Exhibit is showing through April 2 at the Farmington Museum.

The Ansel Adams Masterworks Exhibit, a visiting collection of 47 photographic works by Ansel Adams, quietly attracted several thousand visitors to the Farmington Museum over a two month period.

Director Bart Wilsey, the man responsible for bringing the exhibit to the museum, estimated that at least 3,000 people saw the collection. The exhibit closed in late March.

The 47 photographs in the Masterworks Collection are known as 'The Museum Set,' and include many of Adams' most famous pieces. His landscape and nature photography is well represented, as is his somewhat lesser-known portrait work.

We spoke with Wilsey about a few of the most iconic images from the set, and how Adams used painstakingly detailed processes in the field and darkroom to realize his artistic vision.