And the Award Goes to…

Feb 12, 2013

KSUT Public Radio is happy to present the KSUT 2012 Volunteer of the Year Award to Marcella Mosher for her dedicated service.   

"It is a privilege to bestow the honor of Volunteer of the Year on Marcella Mosher.   We simply could not do what we do without Marcella’s help and the support of our numerous volunteers,” said Bruce Campbell, KSUT Development Director.

A long time volunteer at KSUT, Mosher has committed hundreds of hours to answering phones, sending thank-you gifts, and has provided reliable administrative support on a monthly basis throughout 2012.  Chances are, the pledge reminders and membership appeals you receive from KSUT have been lovingly folded and stuffed by her.  Her dedication and hard work have helped KSUT to successfully raise well over a half a million dollars in membership support in just the last two years. 

“KSUT gives so much to this community it is my pleasure and honor to give something back to KSUT,” said Mosher.

“Marcella is a key volunteer, and I know that I can always rely on her to do whatever it takes to make KSUT successful and get the job done,” said Rachel Shockley, Membership Manager.  “I don’t know what I would do without her help.”

KSUT Public Radio has been broadcasting since 1976, reaching over 40,000 square miles of the Four Corners. KSUT brings diverse music and trusted news to a rural area where listeners often say that KSUT is their only source of news and sometimes their only source of entertainment. 

Volunteers contribute to every facet of KSUT’s operation and are a huge part of its success.  From the serving on the board of directors, to answering phones during a membership drive, to mailing out t-shirts, CDs and bumper stickers, volunteers are critical.  Visit for more information about KSUT or contact Rachel Shockley at for volunteer and membership opportunities.