Lorena Richards

Tribal Radio Music Director

Lorena Richards is an enrolled member of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe & lifelong resident of Ignacio, CO. A mother of three, Lorena has worked at KSUT Tribal Radio for over eight years. Before her passion for radio, Lorena’s passion was cooking which took her to Culinary School. Returning home she began volunteering for KSUT and has since worked her way into a full-time position & the current Music Director for Southern Ute Tribal Radio. Lorena has two afternoon programs during the week and she hosts the Tuesday & Thursday "Native Morning Show." Her goal is to get her Bachelor’s degree in Video Journalism.

Ways to Connect

This weeks Feature CD, World's Best Crow Hop Songs.  The Crow Hop originated from Western Tribes, it's a social dance meant to mimic the crow as he bounces around the field.  Hopping side to side, first on one foot and then on the other, imitating the crow's movements. 

Crow Hop songs are enjoyed by everyone, on this album you will hear from various drum groups; Eyabay, Northern Wind, Eagle Claw, & Red Bull Singers just to name a few.  Tune in this Friday, August 14, 2015 12P.M. (MST) to hear the entire CD on Tribal Radio 91.3FM & 89.7FM. 

This weeks Feature CD Elk Soldier, A Soldier's Dream, recorded live at Ft.Randall.  These recordings will  takes you to the heart of the Pow-Wow, with fierce singing and earth-shaking drumming.  Tune in this Friday, July 31, 2015 12P.M.(MST) to hear these amazing live recordings on Tribal Radio 91.3FM & 89.7FM.  This CD was donated to KSUT by Canyon Records, for more information about other traditional or contemporary recordings visit Canyon Records http://www.canyonrecords.com

This weeks Feature CD was recorded live at the 32ND Annual Gathering of Nations PowWow, the biggest PowWow in North America.  This Album was composed for the listeners to hear & feel the thunder of the drums and the beautiful vocals from the drum groups.  This CD is intended to provide the listeners with the complete experience from this great event.  If you missed the biggest PowWow in North America make sure in tune in this Friday, July 24, 2015 12P.M. (MST) on Tribal Radio 91.3FM & 89.7FM.  This CD was Donated to KSUT. 

Tribal Waters is part of the four part Tribal series that features; Tribal Winds, Tribal Voices, & Tribal Fires.   This weeks Feature CD Tribal Waters brings together nature sounds, bells, spoken words, chants, drumming, horns, flute, & keyboards.  On this album you will hear from various Artist, each song is a meditation and prayer, a call for mindfulness.  Tune in this Friday, July 17, 2015 to hear this weeks Feature CD 12P.M. (MST) Tribal Waters on Tribal Radio. 

Contemporary Native American Music by Music From Turtle Island, is this Weeks Feature CD.  On this Album you will hear from Various Artists and their different style of music; a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll, this music comes deep within the heart of Turtle Island.  If you are a fan of Buddy Red Bow, Chante Pierce and Red Blaze, make sure an tune in this Friday, July 10, 2015 on Tribal Radio 91.3FM & 89.7FM.  Starting at 12P.M.(MST) to hear their songs in a way that invites you the listeners to hear with their hearts as well as their  ears.

Happy 4th of July!

Jun 29, 2015

In observance of the 4th of July there will be no Feature CD, this week.  Will Continue resume with the Feature CD Monday, July 6, 2015.

Buffy Sainte-Marie, now 74, brand new album "POWER IN THE BLOOD" was released on May 12, 2015.  Power In The Blood, is her first studio album since 2008.  On this album there are 12 tracks and she wrote them all but 2.  Album was recorded in Toronto with 3 different producers; on this album you will find 4 love songs, 2 positive-uppers, 1 blues rocker, 3 social criticisms, 1 blues rocker, and "It's My Way!"  It's My Way is the first album by folk singer Buffy Sainte-Marie. 

This recording captures Northern Cree performing their best and their latest Crow Hop, Sneak Up, Slide Step, Chicken Dance, Southern style Fancy Dance songs and a special Round Dance. Featuring Northern Cree's powerful singing and trademark songmaking skills, this collection will dazzle pow-wow fans and keep dancers on their toes.

Tune in this Friday, June 19, 2015 to hear the entire album on Tribal Radio 91.3FM & 89.7FM 12P.M.(MST).

This weeks Feature CD is the 20th Series of Fancy Dance Songs, on this album is a variety of drum groups from all across Indian Country; Grey Buffalo, Northern Wind, Little Island Cree and Black Lodge just to name a few.   

The Tootoosis Family of Canada have been highly respected within the Native community for many years for their dedication to Cree traditions. This recording was recorded Live at the 2008 FSIN Pow-Wow and the 2009 FNUC Pow-Wow.  Salute to all those who continue to promote Native culture and intertribal unity. Tune in this Friday, June 5, 2015 12P.M. (MST) to hear the entire CD.  This CD was donated to KSUT, Tribal Radio.