KSUT Board of Directors

The KSUT Board of Directors is the governing body of KUTE, Inc, the licensee of KSUT Public Radio.

The KSUT Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m., at the Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum, 77 County Road 517, Ignacio, CO. See directions here.

The public is invited to attend meetings of the KSUT Board of Directors. All are open to the public, unless confidential station or personnel business is being conducted. In such cases, the Board will provide advance notice of the meeting being closed.

Public attendees to KSUT Board meetings are not required to register or provide personal information.

KSUT's Open Meetings Policy can be found here.

Minutes of KSUT Board meetings are found here.

KSUT Board members (as of December 13, 2016):

Maria Baker, President
Susan Kearns, Vice President
Dan Ford, Treasurer
Julie Bisbee, Secretary
Eddie R. Box, Jr., Southern Ute Tribal Member
Deborah Quayle, Community At-Large Member
Robert Ortiz, Native-American Tribal Member At-Large

Linda Baker, Southern Ute Tribal Member